The TurnKey Team

Austin Evans

Austin is a seasoned sales leader with a remarkable track record of driving revenue growth and surpassing targets. With extensive experience in sales management and a deep understanding of effective sales strategies, Austin has consistently delivered exceptional results. Known for building high-performing teams and fostering a culture of accountability that delivers success, Austin brings an intentional and results-driven approach to every project. Through a strategic mindset and data-driven insights, Austin has successfully optimized sales processes and developed strong partnerships to maximize revenue for pre-seed organizations and Fortune list enterprises alike. 

Bryan Finks

Bryan's extensive background includes selling and implementing strategies for renowned global enterprises, showcasing his expertise in the business world. However, he shifted his focus towards early stage ventures, where his true passion lies – assisting founders in their scaling endeavors. With his experience, Bryan has successfully constructed complete sales organizations from scratch, leading them to flourish with over 70 employees and achieving impressive double-digit month-over-month growth rates. Additionally, his profound understanding of lead generation has proven invaluable, consistently driving remarkable results by increasing Sales Qualified Leads by an impressive 34% on a monthly basis, even within well-established companies.

Tyler Ellis

Tyler Ellis is an accomplished GTM Strategy & RevOps Advisor with extensive experience in revenue operations across multiple industries. Formerly serving as the Director of Revenue Operations at Newchip Accelerator, he leverages a strong set of skills including business process improvement, cross-functional team leadership, operations management, data analysis, financial analysis, sales processes, and customer relationship management, among others. Prior to his role at Newchip, he was the Director of Revenue Operations at FlyWheel Consultancy and held a managerial role at Revenue River. Tyler is recognized for his analytical skills, business analysis expertise, and profound understanding of manufacturing process improvement.